Fitness  Benefits

Fitness Benefits

What are the Fitness Benefits of SUP Boarding?

This is a question we get asked and researched all the time online, and the answer is too long to put in our FAQ.

YES! SUP is a full body workout. You are engaging all of the major big muscles of your body to propel yourself through the water, your back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles and all those smaller supportive muscles and tendons that we forget about, are kicking in at some stage too. Right down to your ankle, feet and tiny toe muscles. And how do we know this? Well just ask your body the day after your first ever SUP session.

Yes, some muscles will be working harder than others, but you will find all your muscles get a workout and are activated at some stage of each stroke. And because you are standing up and using predominantly most of your core to pull yourself through the water, it gets a great workout too. Say goodbye to that spare tyre and middle age spread.

Don’t worry too much about having good core or stability before starting SUP as it comes with the territory, the more you do the stronger it becomes, and the fitter you will get.

So it really doesn’t matter what base level of fitness or strength you have before you start, as strength and coordination will come with time and practise. And like a lot of water sports it’s low impact so generally less likely to cause injury to tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Healthier Happy You!

With the right technique and equipment set up you should be SUPing your way into a healthier happier you. But on top of the physical benefits, what about what it can do for your mental state.

Picture this, you are floating effortlessly on top of the water, the fresh air is on your face, whether it be summer, winter, spring or autumn you are prepared and capable, standing strong and gliding along. No noisy background chatter, traffic or television, just the sound of water rippling on your board, the birds are chirping, sometimes fish are jumping or waves are crashing you are totally immersed in nature, you are a part of it. Doesn’t that just make you feel calmer already?

So whether you are training hard or just escaping the noise it is a feeling you can not explain until you’ve given it a go, why not let your body give you the answers, there’s definitely something in it for everyone.